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Facebook, Twitter get lashing on Capitol Hill  and brownie points for showing up

Facebook, Twitter get lashing on Capitol Hill — and brownie points for showing up Shares of Twitter fell 6% Wednesday. Facebook shares declined 2.3%. Sandberg’s appearance before the Senate panel comes five months after her boss, Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg, faced members of Congress in hearings that mostly underscored how ill-equipped lawmakers were to deal with the complexity of foreign influence and data privacy. In prepared remarks, Sandberg reiterated Facebook’s regret for not acting more swiftly to prevent foreign meddling on its networks in the lead-up to the 2016 election, and highlighted how much the company has done since to block fake accounts and limit data collection. Those efforts have come at a considerable cost. Facebook, which has 2 billion users compared with Twitter’s 300 million, reported disappointing second-quarter financial results that sparked a massive sell-off. Dorsey alone faced the more partisan House Energy and Commerce Committee later in the day to address accusations of political bias on Twitter. Conservatives, led by President Trump, have accused Twitter of stifling right-wing voices on the platform . Twitter has vehemently denied censoring conservatives — and has even angered critics on the left for allowing Jones back onto the social network after a brief suspension. “I want to start by making something clear: We don't consider political viewpoints, perspectives, or party affiliation in any of our policies or enforcement decisions,” Dorsey said during his opening remarks to the House committee.

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Is China a developed country? Most people don’t think so, because China's per capita GDP ranked around 70 in the world, and China still has tens of millions of people living below the poverty line waiting for poverty alleviation,” one user wrote. Another said that if China was so strong that it had “spare money to invest endlessly in Africa, why can’t you help your own people at home?” adding that government officials could not survive on the minimum wage that many Chinese are paid. Foreign officials have pushed back on Belt and Road projects too. One embarrassing rebuff came recently when Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad halted two Chinese BRI mega-projects, saying they would bankrupt his country. “We do not want a situation where there is a new form of colonialism happening because poor countries are unable to compete with rich countries,” Mahathir said in China’s Great Hall of the People after meeting with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang. Crushing BRI debt might haunt some other countries too. A report in March by the Center for Global Development, a Washington-based think tank, warned that 23 of 68 countries were at “quite high” risk of debt distress due to Belt and Road projects, while eight others could have trouble servicing their debt — Pakistan, Djibouti, the Maldives, Laos, Mongolia, Montenegro, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. Amid the Malaysian setback and domestic criticisms, Chinese officials have been talking up the project’s global good, its trade benefits to China, and its importance to developing nations with no other means to finance transportation infrastructure. Xi said Tuesday that Belt and Road did not aim to create a geopolitical bloc, military alliance or China club. The trade volume with China and countries involved in BRI exceeded $5 trillion in the past five years, he said, according to the Communist Party-owned China Daily.

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